18 January 2012

Tarot de Marsella Robledo

Some time ago I posted about a TdM restoration made by Pablo Robledo, well good news the good man is back with a new deck, an original TdM deck of his very own creation this time.This child of his love for the Marseilles pattern is worthy of getting all the attention it can, and yes, being included in the collection of all TdM lovers.

Created to look like a traditional deck as if it where created by a contemporary of the great card makers of the past.All the strengths of the tradition, but made to fit modern quality standards in printing and card stock (and both are as high quality as the previous Robledo deck and worthy of any professional printing, worthy of the master card makers of yore). The whole feels right, there are no concessions made to modern times, if you don't know any better the deck could have come from any era, the colors are rich but not in your face and what I particularly love is that unlike  many 'modern' TdM renditions is that the backgrounds aren't disturbingly white but rather a creamy beige a wonderful touch that gives it an instant classical appearance.

03 January 2012

Watcher Angel Tarot by Jacqueline Williams & Michelle Belanger

There are quite a few angel themed decks out there, mostly very sugary sweet or with detached absent looking beings, not so for this one here is drama, action, emotion, both good and bad.

The Watcher Angels to whom the decks title referred are the angels who chose to fall to earth for the love of human women, and learned them the arts of prophecy, root-cutting, cosmetics, and metal-smiting. Briefly mentioned in the bible book genesis, the angels story is told at large in the the first section of the "Book of Enoch",a non-canonical Jewish text.

Each major arcana is linked to one of these angels, whose name appear at the bottom of the card, the minors portray both humans and angels and the impact those had on our world, this linked to a keyword under the image.

78 cards + one extra card the 'Seeker', available as deck alone or as set with the companion book.

The homepage for the deck is here
The deck can be ordered here or at the artists Etsy store