31 May 2011

Tarot Taré by Olivier Texier

I have a lot of decks in all kinds and genres but this one is among the bizarre ones I’ve got (and that’s not an understatement!) For those wondering what the title means Tare is a slang word meaning mad insane ‘out-of-their mind’ a title well chosen when you look at these 22 cards.

It was published last may by “Le Dernier Cri” (where it is still available) who specialize in strange creations and in recently also published a tarot by Marcel Reujters, and that is now sadly Out Of print – it has in common with that deck that they are both published in a limited edition (this one has only 200 decks) both are hand screened, have similar sizes and have a similar flap-thingy that contains them. Thus far what the similarities go.

The “people” that populate this deck are strange weird, freaks, monsters and mutants but in whom the artist tried to pass some human essence through a look a hand movent or some other detail - it's definitely NOT for the faint or weak at heart 

Well worth the effort of to look into it I’d say 

26 May 2011

Jean-Claude Flornoy passed away on 24th of may

Jean-Claude Flornoy passed away on 24th of may  - a very sad thing, a great loss for the world in general and the world of tarot specifically. My thoughts go also out to his life companion Roxanne.

 Jean-Claude, you are and will be missed - peace to you.

So all who didn't yet know about him, or want to be a bit closer to him in their minds you can always visit his website or read his blog

I'm a bit lost for words right now, so I'll quote Khalil Girban wit these great words:
For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?
And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered?

Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.

And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance

23 May 2011

Polish Tarot / Jasniak Tarot by Aleksandra Jasniak & Anna Galuszka

It's always good news when a deck comes back into print, especially when it's one i didn't have in my collection yet.
First published in 1995 and then in 1998 this lush colorful deck is at it's third printing now (the 2011 version is now called “The Polish Tarot”)  and i'm sure it has many years and potential in his future.It is a deck that has personality and dares to stand out of the crowd, like that eccentric aunt we all loved, that everyone was looking at and that loved the attention!

Subtly hinting towards the TdM, non-scenic pips, (almost) psychedelic effects, golden borders bilingual titles (Polish & English) what's not to like in it - I love it!

It's available at Tarot Garden


18 May 2011

Mondo Bizzarro Gallery Tarot

The Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome Italy held an tarot related exhibition this year (today is the last day - it ran from 30 march 2011 till 18 may 2011), they invited 20 artists from the Italian underground art scene to interpret the 22 major arcana cards into their own style. The result is a varied as the artists themselves are, ranging from the sweet over the comical or serious to the bizarre. The whole exhibition was under the guidance of it's organizer Alessia De Filippi who researched the tarot among other sources from Paul Foster Case's"Introduction to the study of tarot

The deck, that was published in a small edition of only 200 decks  by  Mondo Bizzaro in collaboration with  Elsewhere Factory Lab, consists of a Tarot deck of 22 cards plus 3 information cards, edition is already nearing the point of being sold out.

 You can see the cards here
Although the decks is not on sale in their shop you can mail them about it - and yes they accept Paypal

For these interested in names, here are the artist who collaborated and what card they created: Hogre (The Magician), Antonio Guzzardo (the High Priestess), Valeria Crusade (The Empress), Simone Tso '(The Emperor), Jb Rock (The Pope), Nike Alghisio Brass (The Lovers), Infidel (The Chariot), PU: RE (Justice), Paul Petrangeli (The Hermit), Diamond (The Wheel), Alessandra Fusi (Strength), Elena Rapa (The Hanged Man), Bafefit (Death), Mark Rea (The Temperance), Michele Guidarini (The Devil), King of the Herring (The Tower), Saturno Butto '(The Star), Luisa Catucci (The Moon), Genuine (The Sun), Luisa Montalto (The Judgement), Francesco D'Isa (World), Gaetano Leone (The Fool).

09 May 2011

Tarot of Physics by Dan Horn & Corrine Kenner

Who said tarot and 'hard' science don't mix? well lo behold and  rejoice science AND tarot loving geeks and nerds (and no I didn't use those terms in a denigrated way) because here is the Tarot of Physics, all science all tarot and that 78 cards long.

Clean schematic minimalists images on pale yellow/beige background, that remind of high-school science textbooks, are used to link a different theory or application from physics to a tarot interpretations . In sync with the theme the suits have been renamed to Energy, Space, Time, and Matter.
As a special feature for those who want to use them the cards are only laminated on the backs so one could add notes, colors or anything you want to them.

The decks can exclusively be obtain from the Tarot Garden
you can also look it up on it's website or on Twitter (but sadly none of those are often updated)

05 May 2011

Peacock Tarot by Peter Grahame

Somewhere near the end of last year I obtained this majors only deck by the Albuquerque based self-taught artist Peter Grahame, but somehow I forgot to post it here, blame it on my moving at that period because it is a creation that deserves being shared with you all.In 2009 it was published in a very limited edition of only 50 decks housed in a relatively big cardboard box

The Peacock tarot was created by mixing real persons  in 21st century dreamlike settings with digital collage and editing techniques without making each card overly heavy or worked upon, yet giving it a very rich and strong look. Set up as a meditation deck for those studying the tarot and also to be used for tarot readings this 22 cards deck gives a contemporary look to the age-old Tarot archetypes.