31 May 2011

Tarot Taré by Olivier Texier

I have a lot of decks in all kinds and genres but this one is among the bizarre ones I’ve got (and that’s not an understatement!) For those wondering what the title means Tare is a slang word meaning mad insane ‘out-of-their mind’ a title well chosen when you look at these 22 cards.

It was published last may by “Le Dernier Cri” (where it is still available) who specialize in strange creations and in recently also published a tarot by Marcel Reujters, and that is now sadly Out Of print – it has in common with that deck that they are both published in a limited edition (this one has only 200 decks) both are hand screened, have similar sizes and have a similar flap-thingy that contains them. Thus far what the similarities go.

The “people” that populate this deck are strange weird, freaks, monsters and mutants but in whom the artist tried to pass some human essence through a look a hand movent or some other detail - it's definitely NOT for the faint or weak at heart 

Well worth the effort of to look into it I’d say