13 September 2016

RIP K. Frank Jensen

Today I learned that the tarot world has lost one of it great names, collector, researcher and collector of tarot especially (and other into the mantic instruments).

He has left his impressive collection to the University of Roskilde where it is being lovingly cared for and being studied - a great legacy from a great man.
You can read more about this among other places in this place by the lovely curator of his collection Camelia Elias the link is here

Another great place to learn about the man, his work, his passion and his collection is this great site he build with Arnel Ando, the site is here

05 September 2016

Tarot of the Holy Light - Black & White Edition

A long, long time ago (so begin many fairy tale  - but this is more of a love story) I received and blogged the original Tarot of the Holy Light and click I fell for it! (you can find my post about it here)

It was, and still is a great deck deep, mystical, esotheric but without feeling heavy or threatening, during chats with the lovely Christine Payne-Towler I discovered there was an earlier ediotion of the deck in black and white in booklet format, and in a very limited printrun of only 150 (and yes off course I have it)! When posting my blog-post on Facebook, it sparkled quite  the attention and desire with people, what is always nice - the feeling you can at the same time share your love for something with others and at the same time giving a warm feeling and exposure to the artists who created it.
Somewhere in that Facebook thread the possibility was mentioned of a black and white version, liked by many both on the public as on the creators side.

Fast forward a few years, and yes it has finally materialized - a first (very limited) black and white version of the Tarot of the Holy Light is in my possession - and hopefully in those of many more who share my warm feelings with this deck.

There are many differences between this and the colored deck, some subtle others less. First there are the cards themselves a bit smaller than the color print and without the textured card-stock, but once again a good quality one. As these are the images as created before they did the coloring they are not all identical, some small details in some, some lines, ornaments missing, some line work more or less drawing the attention, so it's fun to seek the differences - what is less easy than I thought at first - and to  add to the clarity and readability the titles are now below the image instead of within it.

A curious thing about the first print-run of 50decks is that although it was printed in b&w there is a blue line around the 2 of Disks - so this printing will be allowed to go out with this peculiarity. As Christine said: " Perfection is for ninnies!", and it makes those an extra bit special!

Interested in the deck, contact Christine & Michael through their website, they will be eager to help you (and for those wondering if the deck is to deep or complicated there is an entire book with lots of  information available) 

Everybody (Stefan's Back)"

Hey, yeah
Oh my God, I'm back again
Brothers, sisters, everybody sing
Gonna bring the decks....
Oke enough craziness, but yes it's really is true, after a break of more than a year, and for the third time I'm back to my blog! This time for good (for the better or for the worst, I'm going for it)

So hold on and watch as I show you some new treasures and yes even a scoop!