31 January 2011

Tarot of the Psychicks & Tarot Tarot by Lynyrd Narciso

The 2 fun mini majors only decks came as freebies with the Tarot Rikit, but they are playful and amusing enough to deserve a separate posting from that one.

The "Psychicks" is an adaptation of the young urban girlie theme, these elongated figures (and thus also cards) are all form so nothing deeply esoteric but they are playful and just make you smile at the artist sense of humour.

The other deck simply called Tarot Tarot is a humorous simple black and white TdM deck, far from Lynyrd's previous TdM adaptation the "el Tarot de Marcelino" but cute & innocent (with a twist) and worthy of having in it's own right.  

25 January 2011

Tarot Rikit by Lynyrd Narciso

My favorite artist from the Philippines has been busy again, the very prolific Lynyrd Narciso has since a few years self published a steady and impressive list of decks all limited editions, one of his latest decks to arrive from him last year is this stylistic effort in Asian style, not going for one specific country or region but rather for the feeling and ideas conjured up by the theme.

Most of the cards stay very easy to identify, being Asian counterparts/incarnations of the common WCS images, yet some are refreshingly new and feel exotic as the far east is for most persons, a very nice addition to any collection.

18 January 2011

Science Tarot by Various artists

Who ever said the esoteric and hard science don't mix? well in this deck they do and in a way that brings out the best of both worlds combining the archetypes contained in each card with great scientist, discoveries or principles or like the creators say in their own words: "Science Tarot is a creative science communication project that combines science, art and mythology into a tarot deck to engage and awaken people's curiosity about science and the natural world".

The deck had many fathers and mothers, a real groups effort towards a common goal the team behind it consisted of post-doc scientists, experienced tarot readers, graphic designers and published artists, despite that many people working on it the whole deck looks like a whole not like a bunch of cards thrown together. Fitting the whole theme some renaming had to be done the Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups became Bunsen burners, Magnifying glasses, Scalpels, and Beakers in the court cards Kings became Visionaries, Queens became Storytellers, Knights became Innovators, and Pages became Explorers.

For more information and to buy the deck here is its homepage
The deck is also availlable at Tarot Garden

12 January 2011

Le Tarot de Charles VI by Hipeau, Gilles

Here is my second deck by Mr Gilles Hipeau (his other decks are in cooperation with Anne Hipeau but here I found no mention of her).This deck from 1982 is the recreation of the well known so called "Tarot de Charles VI", now housed at the "Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris", of that one only 16 majors and the page  of Swords survived.

The cards where redrawn and the missing ones recreated by the artist and published in 2 editions, one limited edition of 500 hand-painted decks and some unnumbered decks where left black and white, both editions came in the same navy blue lidded blue card board boxes decorated with 3 fleur-de-lys emblems and the title in gold ink.

05 January 2011

D.O.M.E. Tarot by Sheila Ross

Yet another interesting deck that found its way to my collection. This strange extended deck (majors + 10 cards representing each sephiroth) was published in 1978 by the D.O.M.E. services in a normal edition and a larger sized version. The whole deck looks clean drawn and executed black and white although the whole looks not entirely harmonious it has its charm and even an interesting sense of humour.

There is one availlable at Tarot Garden for those interested