21 April 2011

Twilight Rabbit Tarot by Jessica Clayman

There are many animal themed decks out there both self published or by big companies, featuring all kinds of animals but decks with rabbits there are few (as a matter of fact this is only the 2nd one I found and bought).

The artist has worked 5 entire years on this deck  of anthropomorphic rabbits featured in images that are interesting renderings of the WCS-tarot but seen through rabbit eyes. The cards echo at some places classical works of art, general culture or ancient mythology  (doesn't that empress remind you of a certain Venus and that 3 of cups made me think of Alice in Wonderland...) there is even place for my favorite Egyptian deity.

The deck is for sale at miss  Clayman's Etsy shop in 2 versions an 78 cards one and one with 83 cards where the 5 extra cards are Thoth-tarot versions of The Emperor, The Star, Lust and Adjustment (Balance) and also an Happy Squirrel card.

But wait there is more for those who doesn't get enough of this rabbit-o-rama there is the website wwww.twilightrabbit.com Fitting the theme the suits have been renamed to Clover (= Wands), Passions (= Cups), Carrots (= Swords)  and Stone (= Pentacles). The court cards became : Throne, Jack, Queen and King 

18 April 2011

The Hive I & II Tarot's

Tarot has become mainstream and can be found in all kind of applications, milieus and supports, from the most commercial to the highest art. As a system to work around with many artist it's perfect and many collaborative decks have been created by artist, here it's the Hive gallery  from Los Angeles that has gathered artist around it and has produced 2 majors only decks (even if both projects counted 78 cards) out of it. Although both times the WCS served as a base for the project, the artist deviated from it, and somethimes even radically!

The first Hive tarot was produced in 2009 in a limited edition of only 100 decks.

The second deck came out in 2011 as the previous one in a limited edition of 100 decks

I hope these 2 will be the start of a long running tradition at the Hive gallery with may more decks published on a yearly base.

Entries for previous editions are to be found here:

12 April 2011

Association for Tarot Studies - April newsletter

The April edition of the ATS is out now and contains an extremely interesting article on the Xultun Tarot.

11 April 2011

Sara Pulver's ACEO Tarot Deck

Etsy has become an interesting source for tarot decks these last few years, directly from passionate artists making small print runs or even individually handmade decks and sharing those on their shop.

One of these is Sara Pulver who during the year 2010 created each card in no particular order and beginning of this year she started selling the 22 majors as an ACEO-set printed on very light cardstock and each card put into acid free cellophane envelopes.

The deck is mad, irreverent and even chaotic (but in a good way, at least that's my opinion of them)
You can visit her shop here  

05 April 2011

A Tarot Titkai by Zsófia Lázár & Katalin Szegedi

It's always nice when a deck you search and that was Out-Of-Print comes back available.Back in 1991 Hungarian painter Katalin Szegedi created a wonderful majors only deck accompanied with a book written by Zsófia Lázár the deck hence known as the "Szabo/Szegedi - A Tarot", has sadly has been OOP since a loooong time, even before I seriously started collecting.

But o joy last year a new edition was published as "Tarot Titkai", the images remain unchanged but the printing quality was upgraded to be more luminous and in better contrast than the original. It can be ordered from the artist site  for 3 980 Ft (approximately € 15,03 or $ 21,31), you can also email her

Reference original edition: Manteia 6, p. 43

04 April 2011

Tarocchi Minchiate "Al Leone"

Interesting decks with historic importance do not always have to be expensive or hard to find, proof of that is this interesting find I did on eBay during one of my daily overviews hunting down interesting decks to add to my collection.

The deck in question is a photo reproduction (thus looking excacly like it was printed a few centuries ago) of a Florentine Minchiate deck (from circa 1790) from the original found in the collection of the "Fournier cards Museum in Alva, situated in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and published in 2004.The cards measure a nice115mm x 60mm on printed upon lightish stock, round corners with a gloss finish that take a bit away from it's authenticity. An interesting deck that enriches the historic section of my collection (there are still some left on eBay at a nice price)