05 April 2011

A Tarot Titkai by Zsófia Lázár & Katalin Szegedi

It's always nice when a deck you search and that was Out-Of-Print comes back available.Back in 1991 Hungarian painter Katalin Szegedi created a wonderful majors only deck accompanied with a book written by Zsófia Lázár the deck hence known as the "Szabo/Szegedi - A Tarot", has sadly has been OOP since a loooong time, even before I seriously started collecting.

But o joy last year a new edition was published as "Tarot Titkai", the images remain unchanged but the printing quality was upgraded to be more luminous and in better contrast than the original. It can be ordered from the artist site  for 3 980 Ft (approximately € 15,03 or $ 21,31), you can also email her

Reference original edition: Manteia 6, p. 43