04 April 2011

Tarocchi Minchiate "Al Leone"

Interesting decks with historic importance do not always have to be expensive or hard to find, proof of that is this interesting find I did on eBay during one of my daily overviews hunting down interesting decks to add to my collection.

The deck in question is a photo reproduction (thus looking excacly like it was printed a few centuries ago) of a Florentine Minchiate deck (from circa 1790) from the original found in the collection of the "Fournier cards Museum in Alva, situated in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain and published in 2004.The cards measure a nice115mm x 60mm on printed upon lightish stock, round corners with a gloss finish that take a bit away from it's authenticity. An interesting deck that enriches the historic section of my collection (there are still some left on eBay at a nice price)