30 March 2011

Tarot Noir by Robyn Tisch Hollister

I do love many perhaps even all (or perhaps almost all) modern renditions or reincarnations of the good old Tarot de Marseilles pattern, and this one is among my favorite ones i must admit.

Robyn Tisch Hollister who also goes by the handle of Chronata on different forums and has created a few other decks has unleashed her talents upon the TdM.She gifted us here with a sweet and humorous looking deck, yet firmly based and following the TdM format, created in white upon a black background.The border-less cards are small sized and fit perfectly in the hand.
The deck is self published in a limited hand-made edition of only 100 decks packaged in a  little black handmade folder box , sadly for the moment her shop seems for the moment out-of stock.

Here are links to the deck and her web-shop