28 March 2011

Pre-order the Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012

Lo and behold, spring is here so it's once again the pre-order period for the Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012 celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year (o what does time fly swiftly).

On the publishers site we can read: "Now in its 10th year, the limited edition Tarot Lovers' Calendar is a spiral bound, high quality printed showcase of the most talented artists and writers working with tarot in the world today. Since the second edition every calendar features sample images from 12 different independently produced tarot decks, some still in progress; 12 brand new tarot spreads; the world's major religious holidays; the moon phases; and solar/lunar eclipses all packaged as a highly practical calendar. Many people have built collections that they refer to time and again, finding that the Tarot Lovers' Calendar provides useful information and a view of the 'tarot zeitgeist' for the year."  

A nice must have item for tarot lovers, users and collectors alike - I allready ordered mine.

For those wondering, yes the person publishing this calendar is the same one who created Major Tom's Tarot of Marseille.