05 August 2012

Sacred Indian Tarot by Kiren Rai & various artists

Recently I reported here finding a deck from India and how rare it was a deck from that huge country, well here I am back with yet another one from over there, published closely to each other with names that are almost similar (only one letter difference) yet in style and number of card they are as different as they can be (what is not really a surprise knowing the size of India and its number of inhabitants)

Consisting of 22 hand painted cards by young talented Indian artists, each working in their own techniques making this deck as diverse as the traditions and spiritual landscape of the country itself. The deck combines the western tradition and concepts of the tarot with vibrant images from powers, Gods and Goddesses from Indian mythology resulting in a spicy yet very digestible major arcana deck suitable for both the collector ans the tarot reader, for westerners as Indians, beginners as advanced tarot-users. 

The deck is easy to obtain through the mainstream distributors.