30 March 2011

Tarot Noir by Robyn Tisch Hollister

I do love many perhaps even all (or perhaps almost all) modern renditions or reincarnations of the good old Tarot de Marseilles pattern, and this one is among my favorite ones i must admit.

Robyn Tisch Hollister who also goes by the handle of Chronata on different forums and has created a few other decks has unleashed her talents upon the TdM.She gifted us here with a sweet and humorous looking deck, yet firmly based and following the TdM format, created in white upon a black background.The border-less cards are small sized and fit perfectly in the hand.
The deck is self published in a limited hand-made edition of only 100 decks packaged in a  little black handmade folder box , sadly for the moment her shop seems for the moment out-of stock.

Here are links to the deck and her web-shop

28 March 2011

Pre-order the Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012

Lo and behold, spring is here so it's once again the pre-order period for the Tarot Lovers' Calendar 2012 celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year (o what does time fly swiftly).

On the publishers site we can read: "Now in its 10th year, the limited edition Tarot Lovers' Calendar is a spiral bound, high quality printed showcase of the most talented artists and writers working with tarot in the world today. Since the second edition every calendar features sample images from 12 different independently produced tarot decks, some still in progress; 12 brand new tarot spreads; the world's major religious holidays; the moon phases; and solar/lunar eclipses all packaged as a highly practical calendar. Many people have built collections that they refer to time and again, finding that the Tarot Lovers' Calendar provides useful information and a view of the 'tarot zeitgeist' for the year."  

A nice must have item for tarot lovers, users and collectors alike - I allready ordered mine.

For those wondering, yes the person publishing this calendar is the same one who created Major Tom's Tarot of Marseille.

21 March 2011

Tea Tarot by Marcia McCord (pre-order info)

Marcia McCord who also created the Picture Postcard Tarot, the Art Postcard Tarot and the Victorian Trade Card Tarot is now at this very moment (March 2011) working on a new deck.

Once again it will be in the familiar style of her 3 other decks vintage and antique images from a period we imagine to be sweeter and more innocent than ours, and this time there will be a theme tea-related images, ads from tea companies, photos of tea-related antiques...something worth looking into for all tarot readers and/or collectors especially those who like a hot cup of tea.
The deck shall have rounded corners and have the same size and cardstock as her other decks.

You can find more information and how to pre-order on her blog

15 March 2011

Victorian Trade Card Tarot by Marcia McCord

I did not always post about my new decks as soon as they arrive, this one even slipped my mind, shame on me because it is so much worth mentioning!

The Victorian Trade Card Tarot was published and sold at the same time as the Art Postcard Tarot and also in a limited edition of only 100 decks, both with 79 cards, the extra card being the happy squirrel (of these 2 decks only of the later a few are left, the others are all sold out by now - good work Marcia!)

This deck, as both her other decks, are created by use of vintage images here these where the trade cards mentioned in the decks title.
Trade cards can be seen as the forerunners of today's busyness cards, where merchants or businesses announced  themselves to (potential) clients to announce their trade, or line of business, on one side they featured an image and on the other side space for the business with full advertising text, details or location, and where very popular in the period 1870 to 1900.

More information about Marcia's  decks can be found on her blog

06 March 2011

Association for Tarot Studies - March newsletter

Association for Tarot Studies

The new edition of the ATS is out, and once again it's filled with interesting news and information go and have a look!