15 March 2011

Victorian Trade Card Tarot by Marcia McCord

I did not always post about my new decks as soon as they arrive, this one even slipped my mind, shame on me because it is so much worth mentioning!

The Victorian Trade Card Tarot was published and sold at the same time as the Art Postcard Tarot and also in a limited edition of only 100 decks, both with 79 cards, the extra card being the happy squirrel (of these 2 decks only of the later a few are left, the others are all sold out by now - good work Marcia!)

This deck, as both her other decks, are created by use of vintage images here these where the trade cards mentioned in the decks title.
Trade cards can be seen as the forerunners of today's busyness cards, where merchants or businesses announced  themselves to (potential) clients to announce their trade, or line of business, on one side they featured an image and on the other side space for the business with full advertising text, details or location, and where very popular in the period 1870 to 1900.

More information about Marcia's  decks can be found on her blog