18 April 2011

The Hive I & II Tarot's

Tarot has become mainstream and can be found in all kind of applications, milieus and supports, from the most commercial to the highest art. As a system to work around with many artist it's perfect and many collaborative decks have been created by artist, here it's the Hive gallery  from Los Angeles that has gathered artist around it and has produced 2 majors only decks (even if both projects counted 78 cards) out of it. Although both times the WCS served as a base for the project, the artist deviated from it, and somethimes even radically!

The first Hive tarot was produced in 2009 in a limited edition of only 100 decks.

The second deck came out in 2011 as the previous one in a limited edition of 100 decks

I hope these 2 will be the start of a long running tradition at the Hive gallery with may more decks published on a yearly base.

Entries for previous editions are to be found here:

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