18 January 2011

Science Tarot by Various artists

Who ever said the esoteric and hard science don't mix? well in this deck they do and in a way that brings out the best of both worlds combining the archetypes contained in each card with great scientist, discoveries or principles or like the creators say in their own words: "Science Tarot is a creative science communication project that combines science, art and mythology into a tarot deck to engage and awaken people's curiosity about science and the natural world".

The deck had many fathers and mothers, a real groups effort towards a common goal the team behind it consisted of post-doc scientists, experienced tarot readers, graphic designers and published artists, despite that many people working on it the whole deck looks like a whole not like a bunch of cards thrown together. Fitting the whole theme some renaming had to be done the Wands, Pentacles, Swords, and Cups became Bunsen burners, Magnifying glasses, Scalpels, and Beakers in the court cards Kings became Visionaries, Queens became Storytellers, Knights became Innovators, and Pages became Explorers.

For more information and to buy the deck here is its homepage
The deck is also availlable at Tarot Garden