19 July 2011

Tarocchi Minchiate "Al Leone"

Nice decks, interesting decks ones with historic importance do not always need to be expensive, proof of that is one of my latest find of mine. During my daily overview on eBay I stumbled upon this historic reprint (unaltered or corrected - thus looking exactly like it was printed a few centuries ago) published back in 2004.

This deck is a photo reproduction of a Florentine Minchiate deck (circa 1790) from an original contained in the collection of the "FOURNIER" cards museum located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, owned by the Excma. Diputacion Floral de Alava.The cards measure a nice sized 115mm x 60mm printed on lightish stock, with round corners but unfortunate gloss finish what takes away some of the authenticity, yet it remains an interesting deck for collectors and all those interested in historic decks.