28 July 2011

Tarot De Marseille - Isis Version

It seems to have been a loooong time since my last post here (shame on me) - and believe me it has nothing to do with a lack of material I want to share, because I've got a fair lot of new acquisitions.

So for my new post in over a month I choose this new TdM deck straight from Japan. The creator of this deck professor Tadahiro Onuma made with this Conver revamping (with some Camoin-Jodorowsky thrown in among other influences) a deck that might attract new people to the TdM with its colours that are both bright and lively, it's many natural facial expressions (watch those eyes they do add an extra spiciness to the personages portrayed) it even has a sense of space and dimension in it compared to the 'original' flat TdM cards. It is not what purist would call an 'authentic' deck but rather a Marseilles for the 21st century sensitiveness and tastes.

Professor Onuma isn't what you call a novice in esoteric subjects, he finished a doctoral course of the ancient Greek philosophy at Tokyo University, he also worked with Philippe Camoin in the past and  is also an Archpriest of the Fellowship of Isis (FOI).

Published in 2009 as a majors only this deck was printed in 2011 as a 78 cards deck for all to enjoy by ISIS (Institute of Study on Initiation and Symbolism) (this is the edition I posses) you can see their site here or order directly from professor Onura by mail (he accepts Paypal and is very fast)