01 August 2011

William Stolpin Tarot

Sometimes a deck is looks so charming clean and simple you just have to get them (and when the price is nice who am I to resist...)
One such deck is the tarot created by William R. Stolpin and that i found some time ago on eBay, i looked at it and immediately bought it.

The cards are slightly bigger (more or less 1/3) than most commercially published decks and a bit more square, but with nice round corners.
The art itself has a feel of medieval- and renaissancefairs, a feeling of things more pure and innocent than the one that surround us.

On his site you see many of his works and discover that Mr Stolpin has a broad field of interest and ways of expressing those both in his art as in his background. The deck itself is not for sale it seems only loose prints but you could always try and contact him ...