03 August 2011

Kojiki Tarot

How would a Marseille deck look like if the TdM was invented in Japan? Well this deck published in 2010 comes pretty close to answering that, and the resulting majors only receives my 2 thumbs up appreciation.

The artist behind this deck Akiko Miyazaki connected the 22 cards of the tarot to the Kojiki ( "Record of Ancient Matters") an ancient Japanese mythological book from the early 8th century, and is a collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the stories of the Kami* that shaped it, and is one of the sources of the Shinto religion.The result is a coherent deck, a child that has a Japanese father and a mother straight from Marseilles (or vice-versa).

* Kami are in Shinto (the Japanese religion)  the spirits, natural forces, or essences the world is also sometimes translated as "god" or "deity," a translation that is contested under Shinto schollars.