09 May 2011

Tarot of Physics by Dan Horn & Corrine Kenner

Who said tarot and 'hard' science don't mix? well lo behold and  rejoice science AND tarot loving geeks and nerds (and no I didn't use those terms in a denigrated way) because here is the Tarot of Physics, all science all tarot and that 78 cards long.

Clean schematic minimalists images on pale yellow/beige background, that remind of high-school science textbooks, are used to link a different theory or application from physics to a tarot interpretations . In sync with the theme the suits have been renamed to Energy, Space, Time, and Matter.
As a special feature for those who want to use them the cards are only laminated on the backs so one could add notes, colors or anything you want to them.

The decks can exclusively be obtain from the Tarot Garden
you can also look it up on it's website or on Twitter (but sadly none of those are often updated)

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