18 May 2011

Mondo Bizzarro Gallery Tarot

The Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome Italy held an tarot related exhibition this year (today is the last day - it ran from 30 march 2011 till 18 may 2011), they invited 20 artists from the Italian underground art scene to interpret the 22 major arcana cards into their own style. The result is a varied as the artists themselves are, ranging from the sweet over the comical or serious to the bizarre. The whole exhibition was under the guidance of it's organizer Alessia De Filippi who researched the tarot among other sources from Paul Foster Case's"Introduction to the study of tarot

The deck, that was published in a small edition of only 200 decks  by  Mondo Bizzaro in collaboration with  Elsewhere Factory Lab, consists of a Tarot deck of 22 cards plus 3 information cards, edition is already nearing the point of being sold out.

 You can see the cards here
Although the decks is not on sale in their shop you can mail them about it - and yes they accept Paypal

For these interested in names, here are the artist who collaborated and what card they created: Hogre (The Magician), Antonio Guzzardo (the High Priestess), Valeria Crusade (The Empress), Simone Tso '(The Emperor), Jb Rock (The Pope), Nike Alghisio Brass (The Lovers), Infidel (The Chariot), PU: RE (Justice), Paul Petrangeli (The Hermit), Diamond (The Wheel), Alessandra Fusi (Strength), Elena Rapa (The Hanged Man), Bafefit (Death), Mark Rea (The Temperance), Michele Guidarini (The Devil), King of the Herring (The Tower), Saturno Butto '(The Star), Luisa Catucci (The Moon), Genuine (The Sun), Luisa Montalto (The Judgement), Francesco D'Isa (World), Gaetano Leone (The Fool).

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