23 May 2011

Polish Tarot / Jasniak Tarot by Aleksandra Jasniak & Anna Galuszka

It's always good news when a deck comes back into print, especially when it's one i didn't have in my collection yet.
First published in 1995 and then in 1998 this lush colorful deck is at it's third printing now (the 2011 version is now called “The Polish Tarot”)  and i'm sure it has many years and potential in his future.It is a deck that has personality and dares to stand out of the crowd, like that eccentric aunt we all loved, that everyone was looking at and that loved the attention!

Subtly hinting towards the TdM, non-scenic pips, (almost) psychedelic effects, golden borders bilingual titles (Polish & English) what's not to like in it - I love it!

It's available at Tarot Garden