20 April 2010

Gaian Tarot - 78 cards version Special edition

At last it arrived, after being stuck one whole month at the Belgian customs, my limited edition of the Gaian tarot arrived!
After being relieved it wasn't lost or damaged began the joy of exploring and discovering each and every card, and what a joy it was (and is) this deck has been in the making for many years, what gave it the time to mature and bloom at full potential, combining the age-old archetypes of the tarot with a contemporary and multicultural in a most successful way. This is a great deck for the modern tarot reader and his clients, that want tarot with a modern-day feeling and a strong earthbound spirituality without being one-sided. The artist behind it Joanna Powell Colbert truly mastered her craft and this show in every card no wonder that a big company (Llewellyn) picked it up and will be publishing it in a mass market version in 2011.

The deck's/artist's website is here