15 April 2010

Infinite Visions Tarot

Yet another little gem of self-publishing this deck is created by computer collage technique using the art of old masters and not using the most well know ones so this deck offers lots of visual discoveries, while remaining close to the Waithe-Colman-Smith tradition, and is a pleasure to look at with it saturated colors and glossy lamination. The artist offers 2 versions for sale on her website one cut out and with rounded corners and one less expensive 'do-it-yourself-version' where you have to cut and round yourself (what could be interested for those on a budget).

There are 80 cards in it the 2 extras are the 'Dark Priestess' and the 'Dark Magician'

The artist's website where you can look at all cards, get information about it and even have a free reading with it is: http://www.infinitevisionstarot.com