23 June 2010

Demons Tarot

These last weeks i found a reliable way to obtain Russian tarot decks - so I did with great joy and passion (and a budget to fit those). Russian is from a occidental view a 'terra-incognita' when it comes to tarot, so lots of new thing to discover for me

One of these new arrivals is the 'Demons Tarot' by Vera Sklyarov, a very prolific person and big in tarot circles in Russia, who's decks start to fetch high prizes. As one can imagine by its name there are a fair amount of dark images but not in a cheap gruesome way rather surreal strange and captivating.

One characteristic of many Russian decks is their strangeness - or rather not fully tarot structured, there are 78 cards divided into 22 majors who are for the most part easily recognizable the problem reside in the 4 suits of each 14 cards, with each suit having its own color (namely red, blue green and yellow) but without any symbol or recognizable court cards with gives the minors more the feeling of being an oracle rather than a tarot.