14 September 2010

The Major Arcana by Jak Flash

Supported by BCU's Students' Union and a Grant from Birmingham City Council artistic photographer Jak Flash recently has put on a photographic exhibition and consequently published his tarot inspired work as a book simply called "The Major Arcana".

The result of this project is a very personal and stylish creation, with many many deviations from the classical way the archetypes are portrayed and yet it all fits in.

On his website the artist says about this project: "I developed my own themes based around things like geometric shapes so that I could encode my images with meaning. The images link to each other and can be read to some extent almost as a progressive story, or commentary. Various signifiers are used throughout the images such as cubes, triangles and spheres to help communicate my ideas...." well in my humble opinion the artist has succeded in creating something worthy to be admired and shared - so I'll do just that with you.

Below you can find the images of the Lovers, The Wheel of Fortune and the Moon.
all images van be seen here