16 November 2010

Gli Arcani di Elisabetta (handcolored) by Elisabetta Cassari

This is another rare deck I got out of the collection i mentioned last time, the Gli Arcani di Elisabetta is the third tarot by Elisabetta Cassari and is limited to 99 decks only but halfway through the artist stopped coloring them which is very understandable hand-painting 99 x 22 cards is a huge task for any person - and knowing the low price these where going (only € 130 according to the information I got, at that same time the black and white version was sold at € 50) not that rewarding.

This deck and all deck by miss Cassari dare to depict the human condition is all it's painful and negative sides possible - no compromise no bright side to be found here. Man is worst danger possible to his fellow man, the powerful use that power to grind and torture those under them down into total submission at their only whim. These are truly the dark ages depicted here, but done in such a stile one can only admire the artists craftsmanship.
This whole set stands out as a special luxury product, the sturdy nice sized cards are housed in a cardboard box this is in his turn placed in a cork made box with vinyl top and printed on with gold the frontispiece.