24 December 2010

Tarot of Frown Strong by Leo

This deep & bizarre deck has earned his followers and fans these last 4 decades, and is still going strong and very much being sought after despite being long OOP, and most important for me has found its way into my collection. It was created by the Swiss esoteric teacher Leo Armin, a healer and guru from the 70's and 80's who had his own group of followers (among who actor Peter Sellers) and also ran a church.

The deck has been printed at (least?) three different times, after some research I’ve reconstructed a printing history

1978: hinged black box edition with green velvet interior (this seems not always to be the case – but I’m not sure of it means there where several print runs or that there where simply different boxes in regard to the interior furnishing). This is the original version that was published by Cobwebs Press (London). It was released to the US in 500 signed copies by U.S Games Inc.   

1986: "white box edition 1"
The edition was printed by the “Regal Print Company” (London) and was probably printed in 1986. This edition wasn’t signed and differs from both the original English version and the US Games version in that the numbers do not have dots on either side and the lettertype is not the same. “Leo” isn’t mentioned here as  world copyright is attributed to “S.B. Armin 1986”.

1991: "white box edition 2" 
French version copyright 1991 by R.Armin. The text an edited and expanded version of the original LWB, there are also quite a few differences in the images also. The French version also has slightly smaller cards then the original English one, but with a much better print quality.