23 December 2011

Abiding in the Sanctuary: The Waite-Trinick Tarot

The Waite-Colman Smith is probably one of the most famous decks in the world, printed in many different era's versions and editions since it first saw the light in 1909, but very few people know Arthur Edward Waite also created an other deck this time with the artists John Trinick and Wilfrid Pippet, all images from that deck are now published in a limited edition book by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin and available here.

The 23 cards, the 22 Major Arcana  + Da’ath, portrayed here are in shown in colour and B&W; in different versions (the finished B&W versions as well as many original variant illustrations and sketches of the same in both colour and B&W)

Subtitled "A Christian Mystical Tarot (1917-1923)"  where to be used in Waite's own mystical order the 'Fellowship of the Rosy Cross' in rituals as meditations on the 22 paths of the Tree of Life, correspondences who differer significantly from the 'Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn' ones.

The following details come from the publishers page: "80 colour and b&w plates, extensive commentary and biographies, with a preface by Mary K. Greer.
250 copies only limited edition (186pp, hardback, dustcover).
In this book you will be introduced to these mystical and sublime images, and given ways of using them for your own contemplation in an ancient technique termed "Lectio Divina". You will be shown how they correspond to the Tree of Life and discover Waite's hidden mystical system for spiritual development illustrated by the Tarot.The book contains original sketches and paintings by J. B. Trinick, forgotten for over thirty years in the British Museum, a full set of the b&w plates produced from the images, in addition to extensive research, family background and artistic context for the images." If that doesn't sound mouthwatering to every tarot lover and student.