31 May 2012

The Symbolist Tarot Deck by Richard Fox

A quick round of snooping around the net and I found a new deck to my pleasing, well not an actual deck yet, it's still in the fund-raising stage at Kickstarter.com ... so fingers crossed it meets it's goals and materializes after some time into my always needy collector-claws.

The theme of the deck is masterpieces from the Symbolism Art movement a deck that will echo and interest many readers and collectors, I know, I've heard the longing for such a deck for many years on many and various tarot forums around the world.And from what I saw from the artist's Blog and Facebookpage the artist knows the subject matter at heart and has a very warm and passionate relation with it, what results in choices I do love and understand!

You can pledge to the project so it may be at the kickstarter page here and also follow it on twitter, yes it is a well documented  and represented project, one I hope will succeed, success can be an elusive thing and hard to predict or calculate...