17 October 2012

I Tarocchi Di Antonio Possenti

Earlier this year in April (from the 7yh to the 29) there was be an exhibition of the major arcana paintings by Antonio Possenti (1933° - ), these where printed into a limited edition of 1000 decks celebrating the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Vallardi Galleria D'arte where the y where shown.

The cards are airy and have a certain sense of humour (perhaps coming from his his background as a political cartoonist), combining this sense of humour with his poetic surrealistic style the 22 resulting arcani are vibrating with a semi-wild/untamed energy and a light and joyful outlook.

The images display also a somewhat gentile chaotic, in a sense childlike innocence ...while at the same time showing the master-craftsmanship of the artist not unpleasing to me, but perhaps not everyone's cup of tea.. 

The deck can be obtained from the Vallardi Galleria D'arte  or from the gallery's eBay shop at the very democratic price of € 25 + shipping.

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