25 October 2012

The Zombie Tarot by Stacey Graham and Paul Kepple

It seems that zombies are back these days from never really gone, only buried just below the surface, and you know these things come back when you don't expect them ...and with a vengeance.
So the tarot-world could not stay behind to our (or at least mine) delight - and in my collection this one went.

One of the authors behind the Zombie Tarot was also behind the "Housewives Tarot" and together with Stacey Graham he has applied the same style, feeling and tongue-in-cheek humour as there to this deck. Bathing in a fifties to sixties B-movie  atmosphere with matching colour palette sure to work upon both the nostalgia as the sense for  pleasantry.

The whole vintage undead theme is well worked out from the sturdy casing reminiscent of a ammunition box with the following tekst printed upon it: "insight & ammunition for surviving the undead uprising" the tone has been set and in this vein it will continue in the most hilarious way throughout the deck iself and its instruction manual.. The setting for the deck (and the one using it) is an apocalyptic world with zombies taking over the world and the remaining humans trying to survive - provided with this deck and the boockled and it's wicked sense of humour you sure will, and while doing so staying cool and good-looking

A fun deck to play around with for Halloween or among Zombie lovers or hunters 

Published by Quirk Books you can find it at the usual places like for example Tarot Garden (always a great service) or others...