11 March 2013

Dark Carnival Tarot by Rachel Paul (aka J-Rach)

If I'd use one word to describe this deck it would be attitude, and this deck has lots of it! Born out of the Juggalo subculture (yes i had to look it up myself, apparently it's a movement based around the Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records hip hop group)

The artist did more than just create another niche deck - based upon the WCS yes but merged it with her own lifestyle, a deck by a juggalo for juggalos this gives us fresh images to look at, wonder over - and at times even be puzzled. 
To extend and maximise the transformation of the tarot into this culture the artist renamed the suits into: Gats (Wands), Axes (Swords), Duckets (Pentacles) and Faygos (Cups) and also changed the court cards into Joker, Warrior, Queen and King.
Does all this mean it can only be truly be enjoyed by those it was created for? Not at all everything from our well know classic WCS-deck is there only spiced-up to become this new incarnation.

 It's a tarot that makes no concessions, it's strong, wild raw in your face no way avoid it! If after all this you are curious about it the deck has it's own Facebook page and on Etsy  (where you can choose between differen pouch designs and preferred colors)you can buy them directly from the artist, and it's also availlable at Tarot Garden .