05 August 2014

Trionfi della Luna by Patrick Valenza open for pré-orders

I'm back with a new post after being absent for far to long it seems...and you know what? I'm happy I am, always found happyness and yes even some pride in doing it (and why shouldn't I?)

And what better way to start than with the same kind of announcement of my last post here, so many months ago, namely the news a deck that many in the tarot community have been looking forward to, has reached the point that it's ready for pre-order. The deck in question is the 'Trionfi della Luna' (formerly known under its working title 333 Tarot) created by the same artist who brought the 'Deviant Moon Tarot' some 6 years ago. Where the Deviant Moon was a slick polished deck with a quirky dark side this new creation of his is more wild, medieval with a naughty a bit more than just tongue in cheek kind of humor - something that I can appreciate!

The first limited print-run of just 100 decks is now open at the artist's website http://www.deviantmoon.com/wordpress/?p=2415

The deck has 28 cards (22 majors + 6 bonus cards and follows the TdM structure, one more interesting detail to me)

I'd say take at least a look and who knows those demons might entice you, bewitch your spirits

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