22 April 2010

Tarocchi Di Romangna by Luigi E. Mattei

Who ever said banks are a nessesarily evil? Well they may be correct but sometimes they do something good also - even tarot wise, in this case the bank in question is the "Cassa di Bisparmio in Bologna" (savings bank from Bologna) as they where some years ago in 1984 responsible for the publishing of this deck. The deck seems to be giving a cultural and historical overview of the region of Bologna ending with the contemporary image of the auto-races in Imola as the world card.

I've never heard of this deck before finding it, and information on-line about it is as good as non-existent, but i'm sure happy to have it in my collection. It is a nicely produced cards & book set that comes in a square box, published in a limited edition of 3000 set, attention has been made to produce a good quality product - perhaps a publicity item or a celebration of some kind.

Reference Manteia 6 p