25 April 2010

Billard Tarot

Sometimes I do have luck in finding decks that have been on my want-that-deck-list for ages (and this last year it seems I'm very lucky). While searching on-line for another rare deck I just bought I stumbled upon the Billard tarot - I hesitated 1 sec. even not that much, even the price they asked was sweet (ok the box was missing, but then it was the cards I wanted, the box is only of secondary or even third importance).
The minors in this deck are boring - just a suit-symbol and a number or court-symbol BUT the majors ah those majors, minimal but elegant and even with a 'high-fashion' sense and look to them. The deck was self published by the artist back in the 80ies (probably) and still has that feeling of a bygone era where technology and artisans worked in perfect harmony to result in a great product of art.