27 April 2010

The “i Tarocchi di Andrea Picini”

Change can be good, change can be bad, but mostly change is just that: change something different but nor better or worse than before just different. This can be true for many aspects of life including tarot! This week I had the pleasure of receiving the majors only version of the Picini tarot what gave me the opportunity to compare both versions the 22-version to the 78-version, and yes between both versions the cards underwent change (mostly in colour and hue, sometimes some extra details elements).As to be expected I preferred some cards in one version, and others in the other version – besides their number of cards these changes made them feel different enough to be 2 different decks by one artist rather as the 78-card version being an ‘up-grade” of the first edition, different but better nor worse.
*A little side note here, why do the cards that stand the most for change in the cards, Wheel of Fortune, Death and Tower, are those that in the ± 600 years tarot history underwent the less change?
** In these images the image on top comes from the majors-only version, the one below from the 78-card version.