29 April 2010

Tarot Collectors Forum 2009 Collaborative Deck

A Collaborative yes and one I participated in so it's not with some pride i mention it here - you see I do more than just collecting ;-)

The "team" behind it are some of the members of the Tarot Collectors Forum - some of whom are well known and celebrated artist in the field of tarot like among others: Arnell Ando, Ly Marquez de Narciso, Stephan Lange ....
That what made our 'little' just that tad different from others, and also why I feature it here even when it has been 'out' quite some time is that it recently was featured at the Museo Dei Tarocchi and will be part of their permanent collection, speaking of exposure this one counts.

The link to the special page to the deck is here at the bottom of that page where it says 'Deck', if you click, you will see one card by each of us scroll by with the title and a little bit of info gathered from the LWB and again if there is a website it is shown underneath) the card scrolling by, all 30 artists have a card present and accounted for and it looks wonderful .

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