01 June 2010

I 22 Grandi Trionfi Di Mauro Capitani

There those decks that can stay for ages on your wanting list, because they are rare, or because they are really expensive and there are those that are both. One of these is this deck, in the last 10 years I only saw one for sale online and it went quite high.

So when I discovered end April that the artist released 13 years after the original publication, and after much demand by collectors who contacted him, a limited number of 24 copies from uncut sheets and test prints and made these available exclusively through Alida my collectors heart jumped up in my chest and made my blood pressure soar sky high (what for me is rare) – that much I had to check a few times to see if I saw correctly.

I jumped up, grabbed my VISA – stopped to think and ponder off course (this is no small sum of money after all) and finally bought them! And as with all my deck with no regret at all they are sublime, not a readers deck, not for meditation but purely for the die-hard collector and tarot-art lover, but those who count themselves to this last category and can afford it do it, you won’t regret it. They are bold magnificently looking and BIG at 241x154mm and printed on some heavy cardboard.