03 June 2010

Silver Era Tarot

It's not only rare or Out-Of-Print decks that get my attention or a place in my collection, and some 'big or mid-seized' publishers also produce interesting decks both on the content as from the artistic point. Schiffer Books is a relatively new player on the tarot market but has already earned a lot of good publicity with their good quality decks and broad spectrum of styles in their catalogue. The Silver Era Tarot is one of their latest publications and despite being a classical Waite-Coleman based deck it has some nice differences with it and more important a real personality.

The artist behind the deck Aunia Kahn used black and white photographs with only a bit of color to accentuate elements and details but all with much restraint, giving it an feeling similar to the images from our great grand parents (well if they posed for a tarot deck it would be). The result is both elegant, romantic and gothic.

The artist website is here
And you can get them at Tarot Garden