27 July 2010

Clown tarot by Debra Klopp-Kersey

There are many themed decks, decks build around a theme be it art, animals, herbs or bygone era’s (think of the dozens of Egyptian themed decks), but to my knowledge there is only one clown cantered deck and that is this one! Many themed decks lack in consistence, to match the chosen theme, but not this one, the images are not yet another copy op the images by Pamela Coleman Smith but with clowns.
The images in this majors only deck are truly original and the clowns are not all happy but further flat emotionless beings but display a wide range of emotions from the sweet innocent to the sad. The settings are sometimes a bit bizarre and surreal and sometimes your looking at them and go Ooo yes indeed it is….indeed they work within their chosen format and within the broader tarot tradition stand tall and strong on their own.
The artist site where you can admire all and buy the deck is here
And here is her Etsy shop
And finally here is her blog