22 July 2010

Vitas - Personal Idol Diary Tarot by Sky Lee

One can find sometimes interesting overlooked decks. And the Asian marked is often overlooked by many, one has to say there are many many manga-style decks in Asia and if one does not like those you don't pay much attention to the entire market as a consequence. But sometimes there are decks that are really different and worth looking into it like this one.

While being printed in Asia it does not feel Asian, the persons depicted in it look Caucasian, the imagery is dark-fantasy and the language is ....Greek (the only deck in my collection of 1000+ decks that is in that language). The way the artist depicts the archetypes is fresh and original - original enough to give me for some cards difficulties enough to match the images to a title, i even had to look the titles up using google-translate to be able to match them all.