18 July 2010

Message of Elements Tarot by Larissa Renard

With this deck we are back to Russian tarots and to the real of the surprising strangeness (if that is good or bad is up to each individually to say).
Leaving the well know imagery of classical tarot can be at least very refreshing, even if one does have a “what the ‘beep’” is this reaction to each card – and that is what I had at least 99% of the cards. Off course knowing Russian and being able to read the book and what is printed onto the cards may help lots…
What I was able to gather about the deck was that the cards are created to help you learn all about the interaction of male and female energies, which govern the flow of events and the state of the human world. The 56 minors tell about the role that elements play in your life: the freshness and fluidity of water, heat of fire, transparency and freedom of the air or the hardness and reliability of the Earth. Hence the elements of its title.
How all this is translated into images is less clear almost no “person-cards” (only the 2 highest court cards) non scenic minors and loots of swirls and pyramids in all kinds of variations throughout the deck...
In all it’s unconventionality it’s nice deck to look at, nice sized and good quality of both printing and cardstock – possibly great for meditation or creative work.