08 July 2010

Magic Tarot by Aleksey Kluev

Back to Russia so to speak, and with a deck that screams it's name MAGIC the whole deck breaths an atmosphere as it where created to be used by a grand mage, a Voodoo priest or at least someone playing these in a movie of soap. A formula that seems to work as this deck is already at it's third print-run (Published by KSP+ in 1999, 2003 and now in 2010) This new edition has been very slightly restyled by fitting it with very dark blue/black borders giving it an even more 'occult tool' look.

This collage deck combines in an harmonious and apparently seamless works of classical art, magical elements and in the minors own drawings giving an own reinterpretation of the WCS ones original and yet easily recognizable.

As to it's structure? Well although being a Russian deck this one is completely similar to a 'normal western' tarot 78 cards divided in 22 majors, the 4 classical suits and yes even the classic court cards page, knight queen & king are all there, except it being in Russian the whole deck could as well have been printed in Europe or the USA .