22 August 2010

8 Bit tarot by Indigo Kelleigh

There are decks for every taste, there are decks for every mood even, and this one is definitely for those who can take life with a smile and who need or want to put that smile into their tarot collection (and or readings even).
It’s a Wait-Coleman remake with may be specially interesting for those among us who remember the arcade games from back in the 80ies and their distinct graphical depiction, bet even those who don’t or had no interest in those may enjoy this deck! The images are rendered in the rounded-pixilated style typical to those videogames mentioned and breathe a fun lighthearted atmosphere.
During the creation process the artist released on a (more-or-less)-regular parts of the deck, 6 packs in all containing between them all 78 cards.
Sadly the deck is on the verge of going OOP so if you want one you get it from the artist here or at Tarot Garden