23 August 2010

Petrak Tarot by Petra Reiter

There are very few Thoth-based decks around, and most of them are of the darker brooding kind, this deck is the complete opposite of that!
Yes it has darker images, yes there are disturbing looking ones (but then what deck that has a equilibrated structure hasn't?), but that's not all there are light ones luminously looking some even with a happy feel to them.

But above all it's an deck with an highly elegant look, elegant figures and that leave a deep impression when looking at them. The artist has put lots of thought and feeling into the deck, creating at the same time a work of art and a true tarot deck. Based upon & following the structure of the Thoth tarot yet not slavishly following it rather reinterpreting it viewing it through her own eyes this is a nice deck to add to your collection.

The artist website is here
You can try to find it at Roderick Somerville or the German Amazon