03 February 2011

Art Postcard Tarot by Marcia McCord

This is the second deck from Marcia McCord that is born out of her love for postcards from by-gone era's more precisely  from the first decennium of the 20th century ,a time of great change both technological as social. It's a limited edition of only 100 - and believe me these baby's are fast to go, especially since it came out October last year, so perhaps they might already be sold out.

Once more the result is a nice limited edition treasure that will, i'm sure of it, any collector of tarot and/or Victoriana very happy. These 79 cards (the normal 78 + the happy squirrel) are displaying a wide range from sources influences and styles, the whole giving this deck a light-hearted feeling that may at many moments get a smile upon your face or a 'how sweet' from your lips.

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