10 February 2011

Taylor Mccall Tarot Prints

I've recently moved homes, one of the painfullest and difficult part of the whole wasn't the furniture but my collection, terrified as i was/am of damaging one i've packed them each very carefully and moved them from my parents home to my current location. as a matter of fact i'm still doing that, taking a few, packing them carefully and moving so i can get them a place in my home where they are at their very best, this is off course a wonderful way to get re-accustomed to those treasures i wasn't always able to access regularly before.

This one is one of those treasures, due to it's massive size, 32' x 23" (32" x 16" per 'page') when it's fully opened it is very difficult to move or even simply handle. These silk-screened images are printed and folded in the middle as pages from a huge book, on the left the  description by P. D, Ouspensky (translated by A. L. Pogossky) of  the Major Arcana  on the right the designs Taylor McCall made based on these, by hand-cutting screens for each color. To further the cosmopolitan images of this creation it was printed on hemp paper handmade by the Amatruda family in Amalfi, Italy and hand-pulled for each page up to nine times by serigrapher Hugh Blackwell of London

Limited to an edition of only 150 sets and finally published by Bocaccio Press of Santa Fe in 1975, what is my birth-year so that makes it even more special to me.

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