14 February 2011

Paul Rodenko & Andre Kerkhoven De Tarot

Not all tarots are printed as cards or loose prints, some only exist bound within a book like this one that was born out of the collaboration between the poet Rodenko and the artist Kerkhoven. Both discipline are linked to each other here with each time a poem and it's corresponding image facing each other.

Paul Rodenko (full name Paul Thomas Basilius Rodenko) was an important Dutch essayist & poet who was the chief critical advocate and apologist for the Fiftiers (a Dutch-Belgian literary movement  for renewal) and for Dutch experimentalism in general, Andre Kerkhoven was a graphic artist specialized in woodcuts. Both men worked on this book in Rodenko's last year and was finished after his death by his wife Jetty.

The first edition of the book was released in a very limited edition of only 15, the year after that it was reprinted in a normal soft-cover non-limited edition and can still be found at a very reasonable price, only a few euro's at most.