17 February 2011

Heiri Steiner Tarot by Mary Steiner-Geringer & Heiri Steiner

Decks done in a naive art-style aren't a modern thing, there where many published in the previous century yet few have had a lasting appeal with collectors as this one. Published in 1968 by Rene Simmen in Zurich (Switzerland) as a majors only deck accompanied by the book 'Das Tarot: Die Welt als Spiel' (The Tarot: The World as a Game).

Just looking at it you can see why it became wanted by collectors, the simple childlike images are printed upon a black backgrounds in lively strong colours, no question about it this deck has personality. The cards seem to take their inspiration from the TdM model and also a bit upon the Papus deck.

The only thing I'm not enthusiastic about are it's backs that are well true '60ies but in a bad way (if you see what I mean)